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Live Speech Mapping

One of the more advanced technologies available is live speech mapping or real ear-measures. This hearing aid fitting method is used to verify the settings within the hearing aid(s) using speech as a stimulus. Live speech mapping makes fitting appointments more interactive and can enhance the overall fitting experience for the new user.

What is Live Speech Mapping or Real Ear Measures?

Live speech mapping/real-ear is a fitting and verification protocol that is used to ensure that your hearing aids are programmed according to your specific hearing loss. With this method, small tubes attached to microphones are placed in the ear canal along with the hearing aids, a speech signal or sound source is transmitted through a speaker system and then the hearing aids are adjusted according to your hearing needs. Soft, moderate and loud speech sounds are delivered to ensure that you are able to hear the full complement of speech and environmental sounds through the hearing aids.  

Live speech mapping/real-ear is known for its accuracy. If you have a hearing loss, you may not be able to fully understand what you can and cannot hear, and therefore, you may not understand everything you are missing.