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"Working with Better Hearing Care is always a GREAT EXPERIENCE! Deborah Brooks is very professional , thorough, and compassionate. She treats each customer as if they were family. If you need hearing aids, I would highly recommend going directly to Better Hearing Care first." - B.S., West Palm Beach

"I am a retired physician and my hearing loss has had a serious negative impact on me socially, particularly in my ability to interact and enjoy my large and wonderful family. My search for help has been incessant. A year ago I purchased my 4th pair of hearing aids each of which were top end products by 4 of the top manufacturers. I purchased these from an Internet provider and spent much of the past year having adjustments made over the internet, with little or no improvement. Last month, my continued search for help led me, fortunately, to the office of Better Hearing Care, and Denise Gold. She quickly diagnosed an area of my disability that had been missed and proceeded to prescribe a rather simple improvement. The results were/are wonderful, and I am eternally grateful." - J.G., Palm Beach Gardens

"What an extraordinary blessing! Linda Valovich is an outstanding professional: extremely knowledgeable and is a superb and very compassionate guide in all aspects of improving hearing. I am so grateful to Linda Valovich, Denise Gold and the entire "Better Hearing Care" team!!!" -M.B.

"At the request and recommendation of my PCP-after suffering from a severe ear infection-I made an appointment at Better Hearing Care for a hearing test. I had been wearing a pair of hearing aides that I had purchased (elsewhere) several years ago that never seemed to help me much. They intensified sounds for me but I was still having difficulty understanding words being spoken...and it seemed to be getting worse...garbled words...just louder garbled words... And forget about it if I was in a room full of people...I would just nod and agree all the while not being able to hear much of what was being said. I have hearing loss on both sides but significantly on the right. I didn’t realize it but I was slowly becoming isolated in life and had begun to just accept my mostly silent world. Little did I know when I walked into the Better Hearing Care office that my life was about to drastically change. I was welcomed in by a warm and friendly staff, all very happy to accommodate me. A very patient Linda Valovich tested my hearing. She was very knowledgeable and exceptionally thorough. She reviewed my test results with me and was sincerely interested in helping me. She programmed my results into the computer while I tested out a new pair of hearing aides. I couldn’t believe it when she stood to my right (on my bad ear side) and spoke to me in a normal tone and for the first time in years I could hear EVERY WORD clearly coming in from my right side...no turning my head trying to guess the words. No asking her to repeat what she said 2 or 3 times and still not getting it...What an amazing feeling! I was then given a (no pressure) option of wearing these new hearing aides (programmed specifically for me!) for a 2 week trial period. Well, it didn’t take me 2 weeks to decide...within a matter of an hour after leaving the office, I knew I couldn’t give them back, because I was in heaven. (I kept the volume up for the first few days because I just wanted to soak in all the many sounds I had been missing for so long). It’s so wonderful to now understand and hear without constantly asking everyone to repeat themselves...and I never knew my cats were so talkative. :) My life has totally been transformed. Thank you Linda Valovich...from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I highly recommend Better Hearing Care for anyone else suffering with hearing loss. They are highly professional, dedicated in helping you, and completely genuine. And the hearing aides are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!" -N.P., Palm Beach Gardens

"I was 95% sure that I loved them until I went to Bonefish Grill and now I'm 100% sure!" -A.C., Balm Peach Gardens

"The aids are a pleasure at the dinner table and are very natural.and to know what people are saying is wonderful" -J.A., Palm Beach Gardens

"We were outside at Disney and it was loud - music, crowds, roller coasters, and my daughter said, ‘Mom, did you realize that you haven't asked anyone to repeat themselves this whole time?’ " -L.P. Jensen Beach

"Sounds perfect in a restaurant. Everything sounds like it should!" -S. G., Palm Beach Gardens

"They are amazing. I am hearing much better! I hear more of the world!" -H.M., Palm Beach Gardens

"Professional and personable care -that's what I enjoyed from Deborah and the staff at better hearing care. really better.” -William W.N., West Palm Beach

"I just wanted to say thank you, to all of you, for helping me get back "in the saddle" and your encouragement has been there. Learning to hear again is a hard thing to do. Especially with my bass hearing loss....Anyway, thank you again. Ive got a lot of hope riding on these instruments and myself. Thank you for having patience with me. I look forward to working with you." -L.N.

“I had the extreme pleasure of working with Matthew Kassem last week. It has taken me a week to write my review due to my complete astonishment on his professionalism and the hearing aid I am now using. I couldn't have been treated any better! Needless to say, no sales pitch, no upsell, just the facts and a recommendation. At 58 years old, I am like a little kid again, hearing for the first time in so long that I can't remember. The sounds, oh, the sounds and voices of my grandchildren! I could cry. Why did I wait so long. There are birds tweeting in the morning, waves crashing on the shoreline, fish jumping out of the water and splashing, sirens in the distance, locomotives, airplanes overhead, leaves blowing in the wind, ice cubes crackling in my glass. I didn't know my doors squeaked, how loud I was listening to TV. The laughter, hearing the specials from the waitress at dinner. Thank you. Thank you. I could go on and on, and might even attempt to have a short story published for those thick headed people like me who waited too long to hear again. Blessings to Matt and the entire staff!” -Bill Z.

“The most astounding experience, both in customer service, product knowledge and quality. There is an establishment of trust from day one. This group should be an example for others.” -D.E.

“After a significant hearing loss for almost 2 decades, I finally found the solution to my problem! Almost by accident, I found Better Hearing Care in Palm Beach Gardens. They have the latest and greatest hearing aids available on the market today. And take it from someone who has tried three other leading and very expensive hearing devices, only to be disappointed at their lack of functionality and efficiency. Better Hearing Care offered me a test of the new Oticon hearing aids and VIOLA - Success at last. It not only functions as advertised, it also works with my I-phone and plays my phone conversations right into my ear! Talk about clear. This is revolutionary and perfect for those of us with serious hearing loss. You guys have made my life and my relationships so much better. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.” -D.

“Honestly if your searching for Audiology facility in the Palm Beach area, then look no further than "BETTER HEARING CARE" because from the moment you call to the amazing services that are provided here are far beyond expectations. You get an undivided personal and "professional care that you know everything possible is being done for your own personal needs, as everyone is different. 5 stars for the entire professional staff......just fantastic ......!! Thank -you” -J.C.

In a word SUPERB. Yes, absolutely SUPERB. My hearing's poor after a lifetime at sea in noisy ships with loud machinery. Hearing aids from another firm never worked and couldn’t set the up properly. On the recommendation of a friend, I went to Better Hearing Care today. I took a hearing test (which should have been given by the first vendor),. The results were explained carefully. Then, those results were automatically transferred into software program on a computer which tuned my older hearing aids to my needs. You could have knocked me over a feather when the hearing aids were placed in my ears - beautiful results. So, this is the deal: They are the nicest people, very professional, experienced, and focused only on my outcome. And get this, they are affordable. No push to buy up or replace. It was one of the best experiences, if not the best, I've had with a health care provider. Later, talking with my better half on the cell phone was much easier. I actually heard the birds in the drive when I got home. I never knew that my PC's keyboard clicked when I type. You get the picture. The staff is real. They are honest and as professional as can be. And No, I'm not a neighbor, friend or supplier - just a happy guy now.

“I really, really like my new hearing aids. No one can see them or knows I have them, and I can hear ninety-nine percent better.” -D.G., Palm Beach Gardens,

“Now I’m doing great and all of my family members including my husband and my daughter are so pleased. Denise is such a joy to know and I’ve never heard better. I can even hear music now, which is something I haven’t heard in a long time.” -J.C., Palm Beach Gardens

M. C., Singer Island, FL, describes her new hearing aids as phenomenal. “I’m just as excited as I can be about them. With these I can hear all the natural sounds like normal. I am also getting much better outdoor sound definition. I play a lot of doubles tennis and it’s beneficial to hear the other players strike the ball. This is worth every penny to me to hear my friends’ conversations clearly.”

“I appreciate her one on one service with a personal touch and Denise is very good at that. She is the best and my experience with her has been excellent.” -M. B., Palm Beach Gardens

“I can hardly believe that I finally have hearing aids that really let me hear! No more asking friends to repeat…no more missing half the dialog at the movies…no more driving my family wild with the loud TV volume. As helpful as my previous hearing aids were, they can’t begin to compare with my new hearing aids. They fine tune the environment and make me feel like I’m part of the hearing world again! Thank you, Denise, for your time, patience and determination to get me the best.” -L.M, Tequesta

“Several years ago I began seeing Denise Gold and she is just the loveliest person one could possibly find to deal with; she is so cooperative, pleasant, and so ethical in every way. She doesn’t mind how many times you ask her questions or phone her…she’s just wonderful. My new aids are the most wonderful invention. The clarity is grand. I can hear in noisy rooms. And I’ve been so relaxed with them; I don’t have to worry about changing batteries, or, heaven forbid, forgetting to carry batteries in my purse. I don’t even think about them. It’s as though I have natural hearing.” -R.D., Palm Beach Gardens