Hear the life you love!

Hearing Protection

Daily activities, whether on the job or at home, can put your hearing at risk. Repeated exposure to noise as well as exposure to loud noise is the most common cause of sensorineural hearing loss. Lawnmowers, power tools, ATVs, and leaf blowers are all sources of damaging noise. The hobbies you love can rob you of your hearing.  Protect your ears from hearing loss with custom hearing protection from Better Hearing Care. Your hearing protection devices will fit comfortably for longer wear. 

Whether you need protection from gunfire, occupational noise, wind or water, or just a better night’s sleep Better Hearing Care can help.  Our hearing instrument specialists and audiologists take the same care fitting hearing protection devices as they devote to fitting hearing aids. You will be matched with the protection that fits your needs and budget. From earplugs to earmolds and monitors, shop our wide selection of hearing protection solutions. 

Musicians’ earplugs and monitors

Musicians have very special hearing protection needs. The sound from amplified instruments and voices can lead to hearing loss but hearing protection can’t degrade sound quality. Better Hearing Care offers custom and non-custom solutions that protect from hearing loss without damaging your ability to perform. 

Non-custom musicians’ earplugs reduce sounds by about 20 decibels without distorting the sound. 
Custom earplugs are made specifically to fit deep into your ear canal. Your own voice will still sound natural, but damaging decibels are blocked. 


Earmolds stop water, wind and harmful noise from entering your ears. Better Hearing Care can custom make an earmold from an impression from your ear. These earmolds will fit comfortably for hours of comfortable wear, whether out hunting, swimming or on the job. 


Earplugs fit deep into the ear canal. They prevent water, wind and damaging levels of noise from reaching your middle and inner ear, where most hearing loss occurs. Special plugs for hunters and firearms enthusiasts block the sound of gunfire while amplifying background noise to help you detect game and stay safe. Other earplugs block out noise to help you get to sleep quickly and stay asleep undisturbed.