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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Don’t let hearing loss diminish your quality of life. The Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists at Better Hearing Care are dedicated to helping you with your hearing and communication needs. From fittings to repairs, we are your audiologist and hearing specialists in the Palm Beach Gardens

Hearing Tests

The first step to better hearing is a complete audiologic evaluation. We take the time to review your medical history and listen to your concerns about your hearing. The latest in technology is used to expertly identify the noises you can hear and the ones you are missing. You’ll get a thorough examination and explanation of your test results. 

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

If your diagnostic audiologic evaluation indicates you have hearing loss, hearing aids may be recommended. Our hearing instrument specialists and audiologists will help you select the perfect option to fit your hearing needs, lifestyle, dexterity and visual ability while addressing your concerns about budget and appearance. We’ll help you find the hearing aid that provides you the level of comfort, amplification and features you need to remain active and engaged. 

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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Once your hearing aids have arrived from the factory, you will return for a fitting appointment. Be sure to bring along a friend or family member. This is where the process of adjusting to hearing with hearing aids begins. As part of the fitting process, your hearing aid programs and settings will be refined until you can hear effortlessly and comfortably. You’ll also learn how to care for your new hearing aids. With so much new information, you’ll be glad you brought along a friend to help out.

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Live Speech Mapping

This hearing aid fitting method is used to verify the settings within the hearing aid(s) using speech as a stimulus. Live speech mapping makes fitting appointments more interactive and can enhance the overall fitting experience for the new user.

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Hearing Aid Maintenance and Repair

If your hearing aids ever need repair, bring them to Better Hearing Care. Not only do we handle warranty repairs, but we also repair hearing aids for veterans for free. Stop and shop for batteries and be sure to bring your hearing aids in at least twice a year for a deep cleaning. 

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